One Man Field over Nuremberg

After Brunch some of my fellow enl agents suggested, that I should build a field over Nuremberg. Nothing special but with some challenges:

  • build field over Nuremberg check
  • do everything alone (key farming, clearing + linking) check
  • operate yourself check
  • virus only check
  • one smurf has seen and heard before first action check

Start Portal «» End Portal × Distance(km)
AXA, Königshammerstr. 77 «» Wüste in Franken × 9.847
Wüste in Franken «» Bäckerei Leibner × 29.914
Bäckerei Leibner «» AXA, Königshammerstr. 77 × 32.185

around 50 viruses were used. (:


SitRep / Fotos:

#ingress #fuerdenkaiser